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Something remarkable is happening all over the world.....the 'unpicking of history'. In the U.K, the toppling over of the Edward Colston statue has been hugely symbolic; akin to a long, pent up exhalation. Its giving way to much debate and discussion about the larger connotations. Colston was an English merchant, Tory politician, Slave trader & conveniently oh - ever so conveniently a philanthropist; an embodiment of the very Bedrock of British imperialism, window dressed as altruism. Remarkable collective self realizations are taking place everywhere....and its not just 'us against them'. There seems an accumulated need for the West to atone for their bloody history; this cathartic need is coming from all races - white, black and brown. A healthy future requires the detoxing of our past demons, whilst remaining present in the existential NOW.

The painting is a composition of layered history; there is no background or foreground. The sacred eye of the cow is also the eye of the Queen, who happens to be the (unelected) sovereign head of state. Her third eye is represented by the eye of time - the Big Ben clock on the Houses of Parliament. Mohandas Gandhi is relegated to being a postage stamp. The Pound Sterling currency note denotes wealth (afterall, the first Bank was in London, on the embankment of river Thames); British ships signalling maritime prowess and colonialism thus. The seated children are our future. Its really a flattened moment; a 'leela' of the compression of many ages....

Each Fine Art Print is titled, numbered and signed in Ketna’s handwriting.

Depending on each composition’s ‘personality’, colour spectrum and destined geographical location, the Artwork is printed either as a C-Type print on Fuji gloss paper or as a Giclee print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper. (For humid countries e.g Singapore, C-type Fuji paper is advised as it is less impervious to moisture and mould)

All Prints are made at the most accredited and reputable Printing studios in London, Singapore or New Delhi, using the best quality fine art archival paper available.

The studio meticulously keeps account of each numbered print, including when and who it was sold to, so there is no chance of duplication. Each Fine Art Paper Print comes in an edition of 50, so for the three sizes, the total prints ever made will be 150. Each metal print comes in 3 sizes; 10 editions each, making a total of 30. Each Acrylic print comes in an edition of 10. For each composition, there are up to ten Artists Proofs for colour and production quality checks. The total edition for each artwork is therefore 200, thus enabling affordability whilst maximising outreach.

Each Print is made to order. Please allow 10 days for delivery.