'BR(ex)ITINDIA' 2019

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'BR(ex)ITINDIA' 2019

This powerful and topical Artwork is really about Globalization, and its ramifications on collective, national and individual IDENTITY. It also represents the convergence of many timelines of British and Indian History.

In the same year that the U.K is having its biggest political churning ever over the Brexit issue, so is democracy in India. Both countries have been deeply split over long held opinions, allegiance to ideology, party politics and disinformation.

This year is also the 150 Birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

In this composition, Gandhi looks on resignedly from the confines of a paper stamp at the colossally historic tug of war between Popular Culture and the Elite class all over the world.

The humble cow, considered a sacred animal in India, is sharing the same ‘eye’ space as the sacred Monarch of the U.K, our Queen. Big Ben’s clock has also metaphorically become the Monarch’s third eye, symbolizing ‘TIME’ as the ultimate gate keeper of balance.

In the background is the markings of a currency note, referencing the parallels of Capitalism and Globalization, between which all of humanity is caught today.

The very composition is deliberately layered, with no background or foreground taking precedence. As in any type of ‘cooking’ or ‘baking’, all ingredients have to mix thoroughly in order for the alchemy to take place. This takes time. Churning is good; change is necessary. Democracy can be noisy and confusing. But TIME will take care of all, as long as all the individual ingredients do not stop their rigorous participation in the churn!