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This Artwork is available in three sizes; 100 editions each.

Each print is hand signed, numbered and catalogued.

This artwork is also available as an Acrylic screenprint / Diasec; limited edition of 10. As long as the proportions are maintained, the size can be tailor-made as per your specifications.

This Artwork at once honours all Asian women, and also speaks about the hypocrisy of Asia. Using three protagonists, the composition daintily juxtaposes a famous female Chinese Artist’s muse with a buddhist monk and a red guard from China’s Cultural Revolution. Using China as a case study for what is largely an Asian phenomenon, this narrative shows ‘Woman on top’. One is not sure whether the orchid flower in her back is a wind up key like dolls have. Is she only meant to speak when wound up?

Religion in China has been pushed underground or dismissed (symbolized by the buddhist monk at the bottom), whilst the red guard represents the violence and futility of the Cultural Revolution which has since been replaced by Communist state driven Capitalism. Today’s ever pragmatic Politics seem to be encouraging a ‘everything is for sale’ but don’t ask too many questions era. There is tension here, but it is prettily covered up, through the deliberate use of pastel colour, floral motiifs, positioning and scale.

The title is therefore a rhetorical one: Is China really blossoming? And at what cost??