Goddess Frida & girlfriends

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This Artwork was made during the nine days of Navratri; Covid Lockdown 2020. I could not go out, so decided to honour the Goddess energy by making Goddess Art for all nine days whilst listening to Goddess chants and mantras in the background.

Navratri is the hugely significant festival of India where for nine days and nights, various Goddesses are worshipped. With dance, music and ceremonies, this is a time of colour, joy, music and celebration. The feminine spirit is wild, passionate, creative. I dedicated this composition to a Goddess I hold dear in my heart; the mexican artist Frida Kahlo. I have a bit of an obsession with her, and have her imagery scattered throughout the studio....on my bedspread, cushions in the living room, and a print of hers in the bathroom! She has always impressed and inspired me with her courage. Being an Artist is not easy, and the most important quality in my opinion is COURAGE. Frida had it in spades! Despite having a serious serious injury to her spine, she overcame the limitations of her body with the abandon of her spectacular painting. I've used the circle to symbolize 'prakriti', or the feminine principle; an energy which is continually replenishing and rejuvenating itself without a beginning or end. Indeed, it is the circle of life itself! In this painting, I have replaced the contents of the circle in the Shri Yantra with a symbolic collage honouring women of the world.

The outer square of the Shri Yantra represents the earth element. In Vedic sacred geometry, the square corresponds to the earth. The outside square represents mundane emotions, such as anger, fear, and worldly desires. The yogi meditates on the outer square to defeat these disturbing energies. The T-shape structures in the square are considered the gates of the four directions, and the entry points of the yantra.

The Shri Yantra, called the “queen of yantras,” (rajayantra) is the symbol of the great divine mother principle, the source of all energy, power, and creativity. Vedic traditions, specifically the Shri Vidya school of tantra, regard the design as the representation of the universe as well as the body of the goddess related to the feminine principle of shakti or energy. Every line, triangle, and lotus petal symbolizes a specific type of shakti.