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'PINK BOMB' a painting by Ketna Patel (2013)

This Artwork is inspired by Asia's Popular culture; in particular two Asian movies: A Hong Kong chinese action comedy movie made in 1993 called 'Pink Bomb', and a Bollywood film called 'Reporter Raju' (1962). Both these films have a plot which entails being on the run; in the chinese movie they are running away from gangsters, and in the indian movie they are escaping the police! (In many countries that the artist has lived in, she wonders if there is any difference between the two!)

The sentiment behind this composition is embedded in one of the film's original reviews, which stated:

"Pink Bomb throws so much nonsense at you, you become mesmerized."

The Artist is an ardent student of Popular and Street Culture. Through the lens of not so slick B-grade movies, she observes a reflection of our 'Disney - Reality TV' civilization.

Deliberately collaging parts of original film posters, Ketna is exploring a deeper narrative beyond the stagesets of Chinese Cinema and Bollywood. Poking at our twenty first century's obsession with celebrity culture, and our blurring allegiance to 'morality', the big players in our lives (and indeed in the painting) seem to be actors and politicians (who increasingly share the same stage), as we often unconsciously relinquish our individual power...... Our conditioning and lifestyle ape what we are fed through TV and magazines. (E.g TV serials like 'House of Cards' have become compelling viewing, as Art imitates life).

There are references to two of Asia's most well known protagonists; Mao and Gandhi. Mao was responsible for the most deaths in the last century; Gandhi stood for 'Ahimsa' - non violence. Today, China is emerging as a super power, and India is still a far cry away from any semblance of efficiency. In China, religion is banned. In secular India, all Gods are welcome!

From a fridge magnet the artist bought in a flea market in Singapore, this quotation is used: "I treat you like my brother you treat me like Lehman Brothers'. As Financial institutions, Governments and platforms of moral responsibility show signs of cracking up (or downright toppling), it feels like everything we work for may amount to nothing. If that realization has any truth in it, then what is life all about???

In the painting, there are geometric flowery motifs that have been sprinkled all over. This symbolizes how we are all inter-connected, and essentially made up of the same stuff that stars are. Scientifically, spiritually, intellectually, esoterically and philosophically, let us not forget that at an individual level, our power is immense. This is the power of conscience; our inner voice guiding us......discerning the good from the bad and ugly.

This painting is a quiet plea for us all to use our pink power to its fullest. 'Pink' here means simply the heart; the engine of LOVE! Pink is the color or hue of the heart chakra, and when this is in harmony, we resonate with the power of transformation. At the bottom of the painting, people are washing away their differences in the river of life.....and all rivers will ultimately converge into one ocean. Whether thief or judge, male or female, we are all little pink bombs! Through the power of the heart, anything is possible!