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This composition was inspired after a long trip away to Kashmir and Ladakh....many days of camping & horse riding in lush landscapes next to milky rivers and tibetan monastries. As always, holiday slices of Heaven on Earth are fast replaced by the knawing need to earn money, so I finally returned to my expensive, rented urban studio; cool and grasping with its city modcons. Unpacking my suitcase and unfurling the tibetan flags I had brought back, I acknowledged the stillness and austere beauty I had experienced back there, and promised myself to never forget that feeling. Whilst sifting through a small mountain of wasteful, glossy, colourful junkmail, I remembered how difficult it was to even find pen and paper in some of the villages i had visited; where children around the monastries would mill around me often asking for just that.Fast forward....eventually - day by day, the memories of my experience away in that timeless world I had left behind faded and by the end of the month, the city had hypnotized me once again with the familiar conveyor belt FOMO addiction of bar / coffee house / gym etc.This composition is about how Buddhism uses a lotus to represent the pure detachment of the flower from the filth and muck it floats on. Likewise, we can be urban animals inhabiting an interiority soaked in stillness and peace. Its a tall order, but worth remembering often. If we do not close our eyes and taste the nectar within our inner spirituality, we will cease to believe in who we intrinsically are. So......modern world, bombard me with your toxic advertising and false promises, for I fervently strive to remain detached.....just like the Buddha!ASIA POP is a series of photo collages-that juxtapose high art with contemporary Asian popular culture.

There is a remarkable decorative coherence in this art as figurative forms, patterns and colours are orchestrated across the whole surface. Often on a large scale, the commonplace image is awarded the same significance as the iconic. Street paraphernalia is shown side by side with familiar motifs such as an orchid, rickshaw, flip flop or religious figure.

When powerful Asian images are transmuted through Pop art, the results provoke the senses: diverse religious icons, the extremes of real life and the rigid chaos of the Asian social landscape are extruded through loud and proud electric colours – that almost makes it advertising or perhaps Art-vertising?

The distinctive colour palette is kept deliberately gaudy to reflect the exuberance of Asian life or the exuberant Asian aesthetic. Strong chromatic hues such as Bandung pink, day-glow orange, vermillion, aqua and lime usually found in Bollywood film posters give the work a novel vibrancy which also cleverly mimics mass advertising and comic books.