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This Artwork talks about the trinity within most romantic and spiritual love narratives.

'The Story of Three Loves' is a title for a Chinese opera and it has been made into movies and TV series in Hong Kong. It could also be translated as 'A Tale of Tears and Laughter', or 'A Tale of Star-crossed lovers'. Using Bollywood and HongKong cinema films, the protagonists here can be the two Chinese men and the Indian woman, or the Indian warrior, his woman and the ‘third’ external threat of ‘the other’.

The Bollywood movie title at the top is 'Do Ustaad', made in 1959. It is about two brothers that get seperated at an early age. One is an upright citizen; the other becomes a thief. The third person in this film is the wife of one of the brother's; thus the triangular narrative again of three, and the polarities of 'good' versus 'bad'.

Whether popular cinema culture or high religion, the trinity shows up again and again. Indeed it could be the three main religions of Christianity, Islam and Hinduism, all worshipping the same God, but guilty of using faith as a means to control the populous.

Within Hinduism itself there are three main divinations: 'Brahma (the God of Creation), 'Vishnu' (The God of maintenance) and 'Shiva' (The God of Destruction). All narratives are contained within the pull and push of Birth, Life and Death.

The complimentary colours of green (as in grass and trees) and red as in blood have been used very deliberately here, to symbolize envy and passion, birth and death.

Love and conflict are two opposite polarities, and in the best or benign of any relationship, both these qualities will come to the fore in the guise of challenges and potential learning and evolvement, so the discomfort and tension in all our close relationships is really necessary for us to learn about ourselves!