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This Artwork is available in three sizes; 100 editions each.

Each print is hand signed, numbered and catalogued.

'Uncle Uncle' is also available as an Acrylic screenprint / Diasec measuring 75 W x 100 H cm; limited edition of 10, £ 2250

In Asia, men above a certain age are respectfully referred to as 'Uncle'. This single word sums up so much about Asian inter generational relationships, and the power and wisdom embedded in them. It is this self image, ethnic / national identity and the way we relate to each other that is what is under scrutiny in a lot of my work, which is ultimately about…..people. I try and chronicle their stories when they are the least self-conscious, and this I find in ‘the street’. This is where we reveal ourselves….where we collectively say more than we know. These information highways are full of information and clues as to where we came from and where we may be heading. I am not attempting to romanticize the past, but rather ‘re-validate’ it by showing the interconnectedness between our past, present and future.