Art Furniture | London | Ketna Patel Studio

Ketna Patel pop artist from London brings the ‘ASIA POP' lifestyle collection has thus evolved into furniture, lampshades, carpets, and even fashion.

The ‘ASIA POP!’ lifestyle collection has evolved into furniture, lampshades, carpets, and even fashion. A playful union of utility and art, it juxtaposes popular and high culture, featuring both the iconic and commonplace, but re-contextualised and plastered onto a neat little sofa or a barber’s chair...

Ongoing licensing collaboration with 'ADA'; European furniture brand

Project ‘ASIA POP!’ is an exploration into how our consumerist world has become an extension of our ‘identity’, and the modern ‘blurring’ between Art, Advertising, Lifestyle, Privacy and individual expression. ‘ASIA POP!’ tries to compress an illustrious past, a changing present and a rapidly unfolding future, so the observer gets multiple messages. The collages are at once personal and impersonal, encouraging us to make a reappraisal of received ideas. ‘ASIA POP!’ grapples to understand a new culture that emerges as the fallout from globalization and the new modern / urban. It casts recent emergent ideas over old traditions, culture, outlook and relationships, and either overturns conventional notions or reveals the tensions underlying the fusion of old and new.I hope you can try and see ‘ASIA POP!’ as a warm, heartfelt mix of lively conversations taking place in a friendly room surrounded by colour, art and all things Asian, whatever that might mean to each of you. Perhaps by saying it aloud, or ‘painting’ it out, I am manifesting the subconscious into the conscious. Perhaps something from this project will resonate with other thoughts and expressions out there, and birth something else…..who knows?? I feel compelled to try.

Kamal Haasan, IIFA Singapore 2012