Our Studio has received some weird and wonderful requests in the past. Ranging from fashion to Architectural facades, here are a few examples.

ADA FURNITURE, AUSTRIA (Ongoing licensing contract to make Art - Headboards) TATA MOTORS, INDIA (Commission to convert the Nano car into art) www.tatamotors.com SONY (Brand Ambassador for Cybershot camera; commercials viewed by 5 million people) www.sony.com SAMPOERNA FOUNDATION, INDONESIA (Special commission to document their schools over a month and translate the findings into a series of Artworks) www.sampoernafoundation.org SPIKE LEE (40 ACRES AND A MULE FILMWORKS) (ASIA POP furniture) www.40acres.com KIEHLS Since 1851 (Brand Ambassador for their Charity Project ‘Children of our rare Earth; ; artwork converted onto cosmetics labelling, tote bags, Mr Bones theskeleton)) www.kiehls.com ALL DRESSED UP FASHION (Commission for artworks to be used over their Spring – summer collection; showcased in 25 countries) www.alldressedup.com PREM JOSHUA AND BAND (Commission to design their CD cover) www.premjoshua.com ASIA UNCUT chatshow, Starworld TV (Stage set design using Asia Pop furniture) www.asiauncut.com CONRAD CENTENNIAL HOTEL, SINGAPORE (Commission of artworks for all their bedrooms) www.conrad.hilton.com RAFFLES PLAZA HOTEL, SINGAPORE - Now known as the Fairmont Hotel (Commission of artworks for all their bedrooms) www.fairmont.com SWISSOTEL STAMFORD HOTEL, SINGAPORE (Commission for very large artwork for the New Asia Bar and Grill) www.swissotel.com NEW MAJESTIC HOTEL, SINGAPORE (Asia Pop Rickshaw as part of their reception design) www.newmajestichotel.com GLOBAL BRAND FORUM (Commissioned Stageset design) www.globalbrandforum.org UNIFEM (Artworks commissioned for fundraising every year for the last 7 years) SICIS MOSAIC ART FACTORY (I had to work with Sicis closely for the Tata Nano project; the car was shipped to Ravenna, Italy, and covered in glass mosaic) www.sicis.com SINGAPORE NATIONAL MUSEUM (Commission to design a fringe interactive colour installation to accompany the Verner Pantone Exhibition) www.nationalmuseum.sg WHEELOCK PROPERTIES SINGAPORE (Commission for 2 month Public installation on Scotts Road, Singapore) www.wheelockproperties.com.sg OKTO CHANNEL, MEDIACORP TV SINGAPORE (2 month Stageset design for one of their weekly programs) www.mediacorp.sg RUPEE ROOM, SINGAPORE (Commission to convert their lounge bar in Clark Quay to a Bollywood inspired Asian Pop theme) www.harry.com.sg SCREENING ROOM, SINGAPORE (Commission for Hollywood + Bollywood inspired Asia Pop light installation) www.screeningroom.com.sg MAGIC BUS INDIA (Commission for artworks auctioned for charity) www.magicbus.org

As per the original manifesto behind Project ‘ASIA POP!’ we have been open to all alternative surfaces as vehicles for cultural messaging. With so much technology around us, it is fun to experiment with different applications and usages, especially as many of us live in small homes, and we do not have enough personal surfaces to stage our particular, peculiar narratives.

Our studio likes to use domestic surfaces like kitchen cabinets, sofas and lamps to suggest collective memories of the world around us. I hope that the work could then act as a mirror onto ourselves, and possibly trigger pride or celebration of who we are, instead of always focusing on who we wish to be.

Licensing collaboration with Fashion House 'ALLDRESSEDUP' (2010). This collection was shown in 25 countries.

Licensing collaboration with Fashion House 'ALLDRESSEDUP'.  This collection was shown in 25 countries.

Ongoing licensing collaboration with Austrian Furniture Giant 'ADA'

Licensing collaboration with MR KIEHLS

Fashion is self expression. The Global shift from the West to the East will inevitably herald new directions in how consumer articulation and cultural identity overlap. For Singapore, this project was quite a breakthrough in that it is the first time such a unique ‘rojak’ narrative has been transmuted onto fashion, so it is rather symbolic that the street stories of Asian Popular culture are being worn on International Street Fashion. In many ways, this island is a metaphor for a collective ‘Asian’ identity, as histories, ethnic origins and modern travel dissolve into a compelling soup. This collective identity, and its myriad of visual narratives is what excited Tina Tan Leo and her husband Lionel (owners of the ‘Link Boutique’ chain, of which ‘alldressedup’ is one label) more than three years ago when they saw my ‘ASIA POP!’ work in a local exhibition. A few meetings, email exchanges and many months later, the collection was birthed. It ended up being showcased in 25 countries all over the world

'LUMINOUS SECRETS': Prem Joshua & Band Music CD cover design by Ketna Patel Studio