Welcome to the Online Art Gallery of International POP Artist Ketna Patel.


Ketna is a highly prolific British-Indian multi media artist. Born in
East Africa, educated in UK, and based in South East Asia + India for the last
twenty five years, she uses her training in Design and Architecture to map
observations gleaned from her compulsive travels onto an existentialist, yet to
be defined new global anthropology that is fast emerging.

Having recently transplanted her studio from Singapore to two
'travelling studios' in the UK and India, she describes herself as being deeply
tri-cultural; grounded in an evolving human identity beyond the rapidly
evaporating boundaries of culture, nationality and geography. She believes that
for most artists, there is no divide between their ‘private’ life and their
‘professional’ output. All realizations and insights gleaned from
inter-personal relationships, travels, media etc can be transmuted into a heightened
awareness / expression of where human society is at today, and possibly where
it may be heading towards....