Meet the Artist

‘Often referred to as Asia’s answer to Andy Warhol, Ketna Patel is a highly prolific British-Indian mixed media POP Artist. 
Her Art is colourful, global, multi cultural and brimming with energy, wit and valuable insights into our everyday world' 
Having lived in Kenya, U.K, Singapore and India, she has been widely acclaimed for converting her Global insights into a compelling visual vocabulary that has injected a fresh counter expression to the predominantly western dominated narrative of world Art.  Using different cultures and historical events, she juxtaposes mythological characters, Gods, Political icons and the common man on the same canvas. There is a fresh romance between the old and the new, breaking through stringent cultural, political, and class boundaries that have dominated the world for centuries. 
'We are all storytellers.' - Ketna Patel
This colourful and confident visual language has been applied onto Art, Fashion, Furniture…..virtually on any surface imaginable! Her collaborations have ranged from Bollywood’s IIFA (International Indian Film Academy) and Hollywood’s Director Spike Lee to corporate giants like TATA, SONY & KIEHLS Ketna’s artwork has been licensed to fashion companies, carpet houses, furniture makers, book and album covers, and regularly been donated for fund raising initiatives from UNICEF, Elephant Parade & AWARE and morePatel has participated in talks, workshops and exhibitions worldwide, and her works continue to be collected and exhibited in numerous institutions and international private collections.  Another important hallmark of her studio Practice is the ongoing investigation of the ever increasing Rural – Urban divide in both the UK and India, and how this can ultimately impact on our individual and collective ‘Identity’. In the last four years alone, Ketna has explored this phenomenon extensively in Wales (UK), Himachal Pradesh, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh (India).