Ketna CV


Ketna is a highly prolific British-Indian multi media artist. Born in East Africa, educated in UK, and based in South East Asia + India for the last twenty five years, she uses her training in Design and Architecture to map observations gleaned from her compulsive travels onto an existentialist, yet to be defined new global anthropology that is fast emerging.
Having recently transplanted her studio from Singapore to two 'travelling studios' in the UK and India, she describes herself as being deeply tri-cultural; grounded in an evolving human identity beyond the rapidly evaporating boundaries of culture, nationality and geography. She believes that for most artists, there is no divide between their ‘private’ life and their ‘professional’ output. All realizations and insights gleaned from inter-personal relationships, travels, media etc can be transmuted into a heightened awareness / expression of where human society is at today, and possibly where it may be heading towards....
Patel's work has been exhibited at Museums, Galleries and Art Fairs all over the world. Aside from being the recipient of the prestigious ASEAN Art Award, Ketna is also a popular TV and Radio personality, and her Art has also been much sought after by the Entertainment Business. Some of her clients include IIFA (International Indian Film Academy) and Hollywood Director Spike Lee. A voracious photographer, she was recently invited by SONY to be a brand ambassador for their digital camera advertising campaign, which was beamed to millions of people all over the world for more than six months. She has licensed her artwork for many applications; the last being an ongoing contract with the giant Austrian Furniture maker ADA to make Artbed headboards inspired by European history. Likewise, she was also commissioned by Singapore based fashion label ‘AllDressedUp’ for their Spring/Summer 2010 collection, which was shown in 25 countries. She regularly supports charity / fund raising initiatives e.g in April 2015, she was invited by Singapore's AWARE and WOAM (Women on a mission) to stage a solo exhibition to raise money for the recent Nepal earthquake. In 2012, she painted a giant fibreglass elephant for the internationally famous ‘Elephant Parade’, and in the same altruistic vein, was also recently was a brand ambassador for ‘KIEHLS’, the cosmetic company to raise money for autism. In 2011, Tata Motors (India) commissioned her to convert one of their ‘Nano’ Cars into a work of Art, which she did using Italian glass mosaic by SICIS. Recently, the Salsali Private Museum in Dubai acquired and exhibited her now famous artwork ‘Asian Grandfathers’. Aside from being commissioned by several hotels and restaurants in Singapore and the U.K, Patel has participated in talks, workshops and exhibitions worldwide. Her works continue to be collected and exhibited in numerous institutions and international private collections.
Alongside her studio work, from 2013 – 2018, Ketna has been organizing and participating in ‘Rural – Urban’ divide village projects in India and the U.K. to continue investigating the ramifications of Globalization on 'Identity', 'Populism' and 'Nationhood'.
Ketna Patel’s artwork challenges our prejudices and pretensions about art, in much the same way that early Western Pop artists did. “Using different cultures and historical events, I juxtapose mythological characters, Gods, Political icons and the common man on the same canvas. This is a romance between the old and the new, once prohibited by stringent cultural, political, and class boundaries that have hemmed in most of us”.


ADA (Licensing contract for European headboards by Ketna Patel)

IIFA; International Indian Film Academy (Commission for Stage set + merchandizing for IIFA 2012 Singapore)

TATA MOTORS, INDIA (Commission to convert the Nano car into art)
SONY (Brand Ambassador for Cybershot camera; commercials viewed by 5 million people)
SAMPOERNA FOUNDATION, INDONESIA (Special commission to document their schools over a month and translate the findings into a series of Artworks)
KIEHLS Since 1851 (Brand Ambassador for their Charity Project ‘Children of our rare Earth’; artwork converted onto cosmetics labels, tote bags, Mr Bones the skeleton)

CATHAY ORGANIZATION (Special triptych commission to celebrate their 75 year anniversary)
ALL DRESSED UP FASHION (Commission for artworks to be used over their Spring – summer collection; showcased in 25 countries)

PREM JOSHUA AND BAND (Commission to design their CD cover)
ASIA UNCUT chatshow, Starworld TV (Stage set design using Asia Pop furniture)
CONRAD CENTENNIAL HOTEL, SINGAPORE (Commission of artworks for all their bedrooms)
RAFFLES PLAZA HOTEL, SINGAPORE - Now known as the Fairmont Hotel (Commission of artworks for all their bedrooms)
SWISSOTEL STAMFORD HOTEL, SINGAPORE (Commission for very large artwork for the New Asia Bar and Grill)
NEW MAJESTIC HOTEL, SINGAPORE (Asia Pop Rickshaw as part of their reception design)
GLOBAL BRAND FORUM (Commissioned Stageset design)
UNIFEM (Artworks commissioned for fundraising every year for the last 7 years)
SICIS MOSAIC ART FACTORY (Close collaboration with Sicis for the Tata Nano project; the car was shipped to Ravenna, Italy, and covered in glass mosaic)
SINGAPORE NATIONAL MUSEUM (Commission to design a fringe interactive colour installation to accompany the Verner Pantone Exhibition)
WHEELOCK PROPERTIES SINGAPORE (Commission for 2 month Public installation on Scotts Road, Singapore)
(2 month Stageset design for one of their weekly programs)
RUPEE ROOM, SINGAPORE (Commission to convert their lounge bar in Clark Quay to a Bollywood inspired Asian Pop theme)
SCREENING ROOM, SINGAPORE (Commission for Hollywood + Bollywood inspired Asia Pop light installation)
MAGIC BUS INDIA (Commissions for artworks  to be auctioned for fundraising)

ELEPHANT PARADE SINGAPORE (Special commission to paint a giant fibre glass elephant for fundraising)



Oct 2023:                                      LONDON: ‘BRITINDIA’; Solo exhibition at Headstone Manor Museum, London

Sept 2023:                                     ITALY: Road trip; Research & Documentation of Liguria + Tuscany

June 2023:                                    LONDON: Harrow Open Studios; London studio open to the public for 3 weekends

May 2023:                                     LONDON: Group Exhibition, Affordable Art Fair Hampstead

May 2023:                                     LONDON, U.K: Solo Exhibition; ‘Ideas for India’ conference by BridgeIndia; Royal Lancaster Hotel

April 2023:                                    MORROCO: Research & Documentation of Street culture + Architecture of Fez + Chefchaouen

Nov/Dec 2022:                              AUSTRALIA: Research & Documentation of Architecture + Street Culture in Sydney, Byron Bay, Southern Highlands

June 2022:                                    LONDON: Harrow Open Studios; London studio open to the public for 3 weekends

May 2022:                                     LONDON: Harrow Open Studios Group Exhibition; Headstone Manor Museum

Feb 2022:                                      ONLINE: Designed fusion music online album cover “SOMA’ for Prem Joshua and band

July 2022:                                      LONDON, U.K: Launch of Ketna Patel Stanmore Gallery; Harrow Open Studios

June 2022:                                     ESSEX + SUFFOLK: Research + Documentation of Architecture & Historical villages

May 2022:                                     LONDON, U.K: Solo Exhibition; ‘Ideas for India’ conference by BridgeIndia; Park Plaza London Riverbank

June 2020:                                    LONDON, U.K; Art&Co auction (Charity fundraising for Covid)

Oct 2019:                                      LONDON, U.K: Solo Diwali Exhibition @ National Liberal Club

Aug 2019:                                      SWITZERLAND: Documentation of Zurich, Vals, Pontestrina, Davos; ongoing enquiry into Europe &  Rural / Urban divide

July:2019:                                      PORTUGAL:  Documentation of Caminha, Porto, Pinhao (Douro) ; ongoing enquiry into Europe &  Rural / Urban divide

May 2019:                                     LONDON, U.K: Public London studio launch + Exhibition at Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead

Sept 2018:                                     SINGAPORE:  Exhibition @ The Cinammon Room, Holland Village

Aug 2018:                                      DELHI, INDIA: Megha Malhar exhibition by Galerie nvya @ Pullman Delhi Aero city

July 2018:                                      LONDON, U.K:  Invited to become part of the steering committee for the Commonwealth Business Women’s network

June 2018:                                    LONDON, U.K: Presented the UK-INDIA Youth Leader award

Feb 2018:                                      INDIA:  Bangalore: Speaker @ Times of India Literature Festival, Bangalore (Topic:  POP culture in India)                             

                                                      INDIA:  Jaipur, Rajasthan: Speaker @ Rajasthan Studies Symposium

                                                       + visitor @ Jaipur Literature Festival + Reci trip for Amber Arts (BritIndia)

Jan 2018:                                       INDIA: Madhya Pradesh: Art Ichol:  Art residency exploring 'migration'

Jul - Sept 2017:                             LONDON, U.K: ‘POP UP INDIA’; Group exhibition at ‘PROUD EAST’, Haggerston.

Feb 2017:                                      JAGGANATH PURI, ORISSA, INDIA: ‘Excavating Orissa’; Co-organizer and participator in a one month long Arts Residency exploring the Rural – Urban Divide in India.  This will be the second case study of this series.

Feb 2017:                                      INDIA: India Art Fair; Solo Exhibition

Nov 2016:                                     SINGAPORE:  Affordable Art Fair; Solo Exhibition

Sept 2016:                                     CORSICA:  Research and Documentation pertaining to long term project investigating the ramifications on ‘Identity’ due to Globalization and the Rural - Urban divide.

June 2016:                                    HIMACHAL PRADESH, INDIA:  Co-organized and participated in a one month long Arts Residency exploring the Rural - Urban Divide in India.  This was the first case study of many planned in the future.

April 2016:                                    LONDON, U.K: The launch of ‘AAAHA’ (Anglo Asiatic Arts Heritage Alliance; and BRITINDIA at SOAS, london (School of Oriental and African Studies; University of Westminster) 

2014-2017:                                    WALES, U.K: New studio! Acquisition and renovation of a 108 year old Methodist chapel situated in an ex mining village on the edge of the Brecon beacons, South Wales.  This location and building is a deliberate decision to probe deeper the ‘Rural – Urban’ divide in the U.K and India.  The intention is to use it as as a space to exchange ideas and information, and also to make and present work.

Nov 2015:                                     LONDON:  Part of the South East Asian Festival;; Groupshow at Rosa's Angel Thai Cafe

Oct 2015:                                      CROATIA: Dubrovnik; Tour + Photo Documentation

Sept 2015:                                     INDIA; Chennai: 'Dance of Expression' Group exhibition by Apparao Galleries (with artists Maya Burman + Ganga Singh)

March 2015:                                 SINGAPORE: Solo Exhibition 'Secretland';; Raising money for the Tsum People of Nepal

Feb 2015:                                      INDONESIA; Batam:  Charity Exhibition for ‘Swing for the kids 2015’; Palm Springs Golf & Beach Resort

Nov 2014:                                     SINGAPORE:  Affordable Art Fair; Solo Exhibition (represented by ‘ARTISTRY’)

June 2014:                                     U.K; London:  Arts for India Charity (In celebration of India Art Week in U.K), St James Court Hotel

Jan 2014:                                       INDIA; New Delhi: Solo Exhibition @ India Art Fair (Represented by Apparao Galleries)

Nov 2013:                                     SINGAPORE:  Affordable Art Fair; Solo Exhibition (represented by ‘ARTISTRY’)

June 2013:                                    ITALY; Venice:  Publication of 'CAKE': The dessert culture between Arabic and Western traditions; curated by Manuela De Leonardis, featuring international artists, published by

                                                      SWITZERLAND; Basel: Visitor to Art Basel

May 2013:                                     AUSTRIA: 2 week Arts Residency with in collaboration with furniture company 'ADA'.

March 2013:                                 LONDON: Establish Art Studio; Ongoing travels to British Countryside (Cornwall, Somerset, Wales etc) to understand the rural / urban divide better.  Better understanding of the London Art Scene; politics; cultural migration etc.

Dec 2012:                                      INDIA: Rishikesh, Haridwar, Dehra dun, Ahemdabad; Photo Documentation

                                                      CHENNAI, INDIA:  Kaizen Design Accents; Solo Exhibition

July 2012:                                      SINGAPORE: PANTONEMYART Group Exhibition @ TCC The Gallery

JAPAN: Kyoto, Koyasan, Amanhashigate, Ine, Osaka; Tour + Photo Documentation

June 2012:                                    SOUTH KOREA: Jeju:   Conducted 10 day Art workshop at the North London Collegiate School

SINGAPORE: Collaboration with IIFA 2012 (International Indian Film Academy); Stage / Lounge / Press room design, merchandizing Tote bags, limited edition Asia Pop Prints

Nov 2012:                                      SRI LANKA: Galle + Columbo; Photo Documentation

                                                      SINGAPORE: Affordable Art Fair; Solo Exhibition

Oct 2012:                                      LONDON:  SaffronArt; 'ARTiculate' group exhibition for PRATHAM U.K (with artists Anindita Bhattacharya,
                                                      Binoy Varghese, Pratul Dash, Vibha Galhotra, Probir Gupta, Farhad Hussain, Manisha Parekh, Mithu Sen, Kirann Telkar)

Sept 2012:                                     SINGAPORE: YAVUZ FINE ART; Solo Exhibition 'HETEROTOPIA 2012' (

May 2012:                                     MALAYSIA: Solo Exhibition, KL Lifestyle Art Space

May 2012:                                     SINGAPORE:  Venue thematic using ASIA POP furniture for Charity Fundraising Evening by ‘Transformation in Humanity’

April 2012:                                    SINGAPORE: ‘KIEHLS’ Cosmetics project ‘Children of our rare Earth’; design of merchandizing & Mr Bones the skeleton

March 2012:                                 MALDIVES: Design & Aesthetics consultant for Niyama resort

Feb 2012:                                      BALI: Cultural Tour + Photo Documentation

Jan 2012:                                       SINGAPORE: Sotheby’s / ABN Amro’s Auction of Art Elephant @ St.Regis Hotel

Dec 2012:                                      THAILAND; KOH SAMUI: Health retreat + Photo Documentation

Nov 2011:                                     HONG KONG: HONG KONG: Indian Contemporary features Ketna Patel in their multi-artist exhibition.

(with contemporary Indian artists Farhad Hussain, Nayanaa Kanodia, Sohan Jakhar, Durga Kainthola and Bonny Hazuria)

SINGAPORE: Ketna Patel once again participates at the Affordable Art Fair at the F1 Pit Building. She teams up with

Singapore based British artist Jon Homewood and the Philippine Artist Gabriel Barredo.

SINGAPORE: Ketna Patel is one of over 70 International and Singapore artists participating in the first ever Elephant Parade in Singapore inaugurating on 11/11/11.  Her art elephant ‘Stop Asians Ahead!’ was exhibited at Raffles Green, a prominent public location in Singapore, for two months.

Oct 2011:                                      THE HAGUE AND AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND: Ketna’s art is featured by Dayang’s Art at their participation at ART11, The Hague and at the Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam.

Sept 2011:                                     SINGAPORE: UNIFEM SNOW auction of 2 artworks

July / Aug 2011:                            LEBANON, JORDAN, PALESTINE, ISRAEL:  One month research trip + Photo Documentation

May 2011:                                     SINGAPORE: Auction of 1 Artwork for MAGIC BUS charity auction

ITALY: Group Show ‘L’ Artista Come Rishi’ (The Artist as Rishi), Museo Nazionale d’Arte Orientale, Rome

Apr 2011:                                      INDIA: Group Show ‘Looking Back To Look Forward’ commemorating ten years of Nitanjali Art Gallery, New Delhi

                                                      SINGAPORE: Collaboration with Fu Ai Wei , Singaporean Multi-media artist for an installation at Singapore General Hospital, featured in the Okto Channel (Singapore) production  ‘Watch This Space’ Episode 5.

Mar 2011:                                     INDIA: Solo Show: Ketna Patel @ Art Konsult, New Delhi. Showcasing Acrylic screenprints and Asia Pop! Furniture

Jan 2011:                                       INDIA: Solo Exhibition + Car Art Installation at India Art Summit.  Represented by Indigo Blue Art, Singapore

                                                      Commission by TATA Motors to convert  a Nano car into Art. In collaboration with SICIS, the Mosaic experts

Dec 2010:                                      INTERNATIONAL:  Design of Music Album by Prem Joshua & Band; ‘Luminous secrets’

Nov 2010:                                     SINGAPORE:    Ketna Patel @ Indigo Blue Art Exhibition @ Affordable Art Fair.  Showcasing Acrylic screenprints and Photo collages & ‘ASIA POP’ furniture in public areas

Sept 2010:                                     SINGAPORE:  ‘ASIA O.K!’ @ Indigo Blue Art Gallery. Parallel Solo show with Artist Vibha Galhotra from Delhi

March 2010:                                 SINGAPORE:  Licensing Collaboration with ‘THE LINK’ Fashion House - ‘All dressed up’ for ‘ASIA POP’ inspired Spring / Summer 2010 International fashion collection

Jan 2010:                                       INDIA:  Study Tour of Karnataka + Tamil Nadu

Dec 2009:                                      SINGAPORE:  Auction of 2 Artwork for SNOW Benefit, UNIFEM  

Oct 2009:                                      SINGAPORE:  Larasati  Auction House; 2 Artworks sold (Acrylic on canvas painting + Photo Collage)

Sept 2009:                                     U.K:  London, Somerset, Bath, Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Wales; Travels & Photo Documentation

July 2009:                                      SOUTH AFRICA: Johannesburg, Durban, Capetown, Franschhoek; Travels & Photo  Documentation

June 2009:                                    KENYA / UGANDA / ZANZIBAR: Travels & Photo Documentation

May/June 2009:                           SINGAPORE:   Installation Commissioned by Singapore National Museum to accompany ‘Verner Pantone Exhibition’

April 2009:                                    SINGAPORE:   Invited to be a judge for one week filming of  ‘Doodle Champs’ TV show. (Screened in Oct 2009)

Feb 2009:                                      SINGAPORE:   'CON-FUSION' Solo Exhibition at TCC 'The Gallery' 51 Circular Rd in  collaboration with

                                                           SINGAPORE:   Stage set using ASIA POP furniture for Chat Show “Asia Uncut”

Jan 2009:                                          INDIA:   Orissa Art Camp (Bhubaneswar, Jaganath Puri organized & sponsored by Mr Siddhart Tagore; “Art & Deal” Delhi. Travels & Photo documentation of  Ahemdabad, Delhi, Mumbai & Pune

Nov / Dec 2008:                            SINGAPORE:  American Club; Solo Exhibition

Nov 2008:                                         SINGAPORE:  Group Show at Fort Canning, ‘More Mixed Messages’ with Charlotte Cain and Jutta Odenwalder     

Oct 2008:                                      SINGAPORE: ‘Web in Travel’; ‘ASIA POP’ Stage set design + Talk on Asian Streets

                                                                              Solo Show, ASIAN ART FAIR (

Sept 2008:                                        SINGAPORE:  ‘ODE TO ART’ Gallery Exhibition of Nostalgia series  (Photo Collages)

Aug 2008:                                         SINGAPORE:  The “GLOBAL BRAND FORUM” Stage set using  ‘ASIA POP ART’  featuring                                                                    ‘Spike Lee (Hollywood),  Jimmy Wales (Wikepedia), Joanne Ooi (Shanghai Tang)                                                                          

June / July 2008:                             INDIA:  Himalayas; Kashmir, Ladakh, Leh region; Travelling Studio

May 2008:                                     SINGAPORE:  Ascott Hotel; Public Areas; Two Photo Collage Commissions

March 2008:                                 INDIA: Opening of India Studio; Pune

Dec 2007:                                      INDIA: Travelling Studio; Goa

Nov 2007                                          SINGAPORE: “Singapore National Museum” Exhibit of ‘Jalan Asia  Rickshaw’ Commisioned by IMG Artists for the Sun Festival; Now permanent exhibit at the ‘Majestic Hotel’, Chinatown

Oct 2007:                                      SINGAPORE:  Art Installation @ Orchard road; commissioned by Wheelock Properties;

SINGAPORE:  Solo Show, Asian Art Fair @ Suntec City

July  2007:                                     SINGAPORE:  ‘Bollywood Pop’ Art Styling  at ‘The Rupee Room’ @ Clarke Quay

June 2007:                                     SINGAPORE:  Art Installation at the new ‘Screening Room’ Restaurant, Ann Siang Rd

March 2007:                                 SINGAPORE:  ‘Chalo Asia’; Solo Exhibition at Indigo Blue Art Gallery

Dec / Jan 2007:                             INDIA: Photo Documentation of Mumbai, Pune, Hodka villages in Kutch (Gujarat), Mandvi, Ahemdabad, Vidyanagar, Karamsad, Dharmaj, Nadiad, Udaipur, Ranakpur, Jodhpur, Manwar, Pokran, Jaiselmer, Bikaner, Jaipur, Agra and  Delhi.



Nov 2006:                                     SINGAPORE:  20 Nov 06 – Artwork commission for SNOW Benefit for UNIFEM;  

Sustainable Livelihood Programme, Conrad Centennial Hotel; Art theme: “Women as Guardians of Heritage & Culture”

Sept 2006:                                     SINGAPORE: ASIAN ART FAIR, SUNTEC CITY

June 2006:                                    THAILAND; BANGKOK: Photo documentation of Bangkok city

May 2006:                                     SINGAPORE: 17 – 21st May; Exhibition @ NUS Centre for the Arts; University Cultural Centre Hall

                                                      (In commemoration of ‘Man of Letters’ musical by Dick Lee)

March 2006:                                 INDONESIA:  Commission by Sampoerna Foundation; Photo documentation of SQIP (School Quality Improvement Program) schools in Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Bali

July 2005 – March 2006:              SINGAPORE:  Weekly radio show on Art + Design @ WKRZ, 91.5

Jan / Feb 2006:                             SINGAPORE:  American Club; Solo Exhibition

Nov 2 – 24, 2005:                          SINGAPORE:  Mentor; Creative Youth Xchange @ Gallery Hotel, Organized by MICA

Dec 6 – 9, 2005:                            SINGAPORE:  Contemporary 2005; Apad’s Art Exhibition, ARTrium @ MICA

Nov / Dec / Jan 2005/6:               SINGAPORE: Esplanade; Jendela Gallery; “Pop Puri Singapura”; Group Exhibition

Oct / Nov / Dec 2005:                  SINGAPORE: Esplanade; Concourse Space; “Jalan Asia”; Solo Exhibition

Nov 2005:                                     SINGAPORE: UNIFEM ‘SNOW’ benefit; Fundraising Art Auction (to commemorate the UN declared International Day to end violence against women)

Oct 2005:                                      SINGAPORE:  INSEAD Business School; 20 – 23 Oct; Alumni Weekend; Solo Exhibition     

Sept / Oct 2005:                           SINGAPORE: Asian Art Fair @ Suntec City; Solo Exhibition

May 2005:                                     SINGAPORE: “Asia is watching” Asian Pop Series @ VANILLA HOME Gallery, Club St        

March 14 – 19, 2005:                    LONDON: “The Art of India in Britain”; Group Show @ AIR Gallery, Mayfair

March 19 – April 23, 2005:           SINGAPORE; “Chipbee Boheme”, Group Show @ MICHI Art Gallery                

Feb 17 – 24, 2005:                        SINGAPORE; Arts House, Old Parliament, “Finding Sunshine”, Group Exhibition + Arts Auction (for helping children affected by the Tsunami disaster)

Jun 30 – Jul 16, 2004:                   ROME, ITALY; ‘Occhi sul Mundo’ (Eyes on the World), Solo Exhibition, Galleria  Bibliothe

June 2004:                                     MANCHESTER, U.K; All the bedroom and foyer Artwork for BIRCH HOTEL, Heywood

March 12, 2004:                           MIDDLESEX; NORTH LONDON COLLEGIATE; Talk on Colour Theory; Edgware

Feb 13 – 29, 2004:                        LONDON; ‘Tears of Milk’ Solo Exhibition at Clarendon Cross Gallery, London

Feb 6 – 8, 2004:                            MIDDLESEX, U.K; ‘Tears of Milk’ Solo Exhibition, Travellers Studio, Harrow Arts Centre

Oct 2003:                                      MUSCAT, OMAN; Bait Muzna Gallery, Group Exhibition

Sept / Oct 2003:                           HELSINKI, FINLAND: ‘Third World Rainbows’, Solo Art Exhibition, Gallery Stockgard

June / July / August 2003:           SRI LANKA, KENYA, EGYPT; Travels / Documentation
April / May 2003:                         PUNE, INDIA: 2 months of documenting and Photo Collage studies in temporary studio
Feb 2003:                                      NEW YORK; CHENGLATH STUDIO; Open House Solo Show

Jan / Feb 2003:                             JAMAICA, CAYMAN ISLANDS, BAHAMAS, CUBA, & USA; Travels & Documentation


Talk about recent visit to Cuba to The Department of Children & Families for the State of Florida; Refugee Services, Tallahasse, Florida

2002:                                             SINGAPORE; MEMORY BOXES; Group show featuring 10 female artists; organized by UTU Artworks; Suntec City (show highlighting themes of heritage and cultural memories)    

SINGAPORE; BOLLYWOOD EXTRAVAGANZA:  One night Art Exhibition & Official Premiere of Short Film ’Little India Trip’, Club Centro, One Fullerton, Singapore

SINGAPORE; “CROSSROADS & CONVERSATIONS, Group Art Show organized by UTU Artworks; featuring a scientist, computer programmer, video jockey, sculptor etc at The Orientalist, Tanglin Rd, Singapore


HONG KONG; ART LEASE LTD: Commission in Hong Kong for 70 Show Apartments

BALI; ASEAN ART AWARD: Philip Morris Group of Companies Asean Art Awards 2001/2002, Bali International Convention Centre, Indonesia

SINGAPORE; FIRST STEPS: Philip Morris Group of Companies Singapore Art Awards 2001/2002, The Gallery@Paragon, Singapore + Travelling show at Tanjong Pagar,  Bukit Batok,  Changi Simei,  Ulu Pandan and Bishan Community Clubs.

SINGAPORE; THE NEW FAMILY & JUVENILE COURT BUILDING, Havelock Square; Commission of 8 Paper Collage Artworks

2001:                                             SINGAPORE; SWISSOTEL THE STAMFORD HOTEL; ‘Rojak Asia’; 7 Panels commission for “New Asia Bar & Grill”; Photo Collage Sculpture measuring 6 x 1.5 m

ITALY; Photo documentation of Renaissance images from travels in Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan etc; Part of Long term Project “Visual Harmonics”

SINGAPORE; ART TALK organized by The Women Artists’ Registry at The Substation

INDIA; MAHAKUMBHMELA FESTIVAL: Photo documentation; (70 million people), Allahabad, plus side trips to Varanasi & Calcutta; Part of forthcoming series of works

SINGAPORE; WOMEN BEYOND BORDERS: Traveling Exhibition, Sculpture Square, Singapore

2000:                                             SINGAPORE; RAFFLES THE PLAZA HOTEL, Commission for bedroom artwork; of 230 Collage Artworks

MAURITIUS; OBEROI HOTEL, Commission:  Paintings & Ceramic Artwork for entire Hotel; 74 Suites

SPAIN; Barcelona, Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Toledo etc: Photo documentation; Part of Long term

Project “Visual Harmonics”



Seminar + Workshop organized by The Ministry of Education at the National University of Singapore

SINGAPORE ART MUSEUM: Nokia Singapore Art 1999; Exhibition of ‘Singaporean           Doorways’ Photo Collage

SINGAPORE; UNESCO MANIFESTO 2000: Live Art Performance (Key Project for the International Year for a Culture of Peace & Non-violence); Singapore Power Auditorium

SRI LANKA & VIETNAM   (Mekong Delta): Photo Documentation; Part of forthcoming Exhibition

1999:                                             SINGAPORE;     SOUL SENSE - SOLO EXHIBITION; London Fine Arts Gallery

SINGAPORE;    YESTERDAY, TODAY TOMORROW – Indian Art through the Ages, Caldwell House, Chijmes, Singapore Group Exhibition with Contemporary Artists from India

SINGAPORE;     ‘WOMAN’ – A Celebration; Notices Gallery, Singapore; Group Exhibition; Homage to International Woman’s Day

SINGAPORE;  ‘Feature 2’; ART 2 Gallery; Substation, Group Exhibition

INDIA;  Photo Documentation of Varanasi, Khajuraho, Udaipur & New Delhi

SINGAPORE; SHORT FILM; “Little India Trip”; Funded by the Singapore Film Commission

1998:                                             SINGAPORE;  The Canadian International School; Part time teaching

SINGAPORE; ‘Four Brown Girls and Schubert’; Sunday Studio; Group Exhibition

SINGAPORE; ‘Personal Stories’; UTU Artworks; Group Exhibition 

SINGAPORE; Creative Arts Program; Book Cover + Workshop organized by the Ministry of Education

                        @ The National University of Singapore

                  KENYA + TANZANIA; Photo Documentation of the ‘Masaai’ tribe in Keekorok National Park &  Ngorongoro Crater

SINGAPORE; ‘Contemporary Vietnamese Art’ Exhibition at the Alliance Francais; Curator & Organizer

SINGAPORE; Philip Morris Art Competition; Caldwell House, Chijmes; Honourable Mention

1996:                                             SINGAPORE; Conrad International Centennial Hotel; Commission; 900 Woodcut / Ink Paintings for all bedrooms


PERSONAL INFORMATION                 Full name:                                     Ketna Patel Reading

Sex                                                 Female
Date of Birth:                                27th June 1968
Place of Birth:                               Uganda, East Africa

Indigenous origin:                         Gujarat, India

Nationality:                                   British

Residency status:                          Singapore (Permanent Resident since 1996)

Overseas Citizen:                          India


EDUCATION                                        1991 – 1993:                                

The Architectural Association, London; BA (Hons)

1987 – 1991:                                 Middlesex University, Interior Architecture, BA (Hons)

1986 – 1987:                                 University of Westminster, Fine Arts Foundation Diploma 

1976 - 1984:                                  Diploma in Bharat Natyam Indian Dance

(Bharatiya Sangeet Samiti)


WORK EXPERIENCE                            2005 onwards:            Ketna Patel Studio, London + Singapore + India; Resident Artist

1996 – 2004:               UTU Artworks, Singapore; Artist + Art Consultant
1994 – 1996:               DP Architects Pte Ltd, Singapore + Michael Wilford & Associates, London
                                                                                                             Esplanade Theatres on the Bay; Architectural + Design Team

1990 – 1991:               Din Associates,  London

Interior Design / Concepts for High Street Fashion Houses

1989:                           Parekh Associates, Baltimore, USA; Architectural Firm



Conrad International Centennial; Raffles The  Plaza Hotel; Swissotel The Stamford Hotel; Changi International Airport; Ministry of Education (Gifted Education); Singapore Tourist Promotion Board; Singapore Repertoire Theatre; SAFRA National Service Association; The New Family & Juvenile Court; Far East Organization; Orange Grove Rd Service Apartments; Draycott Park, Balmoral Crescent Condominium; Motorola Electronics; Indus International Asia  Ltd; Novotel Hotel


Tata Motors India, Sampoerna Foundation, Elephant Parade, KIEHLS Cosmetics, SPIKE LEE (40 Acres and a mule), The Oberoi, Mauritius; Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao, China; Sheraton Senggigi  Resort, Lombok; Spencon Pte Ltd; Kenya; Kenya High Commission, Malaysia; Art Lease, Hong Kong; The Birch Hotel, Manchester, U.K

Private Collections:

Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Holland, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Canada, U.S.A, India, Sri Lanka, Bali, Indonesia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand