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As Above So Below: A Cosmic Tapestry of Time and Connection

In 'As Above So Below,' the canvas unfolds into a delicate tapestry that explores the profound interconnectedness of the cosmos and the earthly realm. At its heart stands Goddess Laxmi, a symbol of abundance and divinity, poised gracefully on top of a lotus. Within the petals of this lotus rests the figure of Jesus Christ, embodying the unity of spiritual traditions from East to West.

Above, amidst the clouds, the divine companions Hanuman, Ram, and Laxman take flight, symbolising the timeless bond between devotion and heroism. Their presence signifies the enduring stories that traverse the celestial and terrestrial realms.

On the right, a celestial spaceship descends, bearing Adam and Eve as it beams down to Earth, evoking the idea of human origin and evolution. This juxtaposition reminds us of our earthly beginnings and the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

The oceans of time ebb and flow, unveiling the bygone era of India, while a pirate ship alludes to the complex history of British colonisation. These juxtaposed narratives encapsulate the shared history of two nations, shaped by their interwoven destinies.

Yet, the most striking revelation lies below, where London city exists upside down and submerged in an ethereal underwater world. Amongst the coral and seaweed, beautiful and monstrous sea creatures thrive, embodying the dichotomy of human creations and nature's resilience.

'As Above So Below' is a commentary on the interplay between the spiritual and the temporal, the ancient and the modern, and the cosmic and the earthly. It invites viewers to contemplate the intricate connections that weave through the fabric of existence, transcending time and space, and fostering a deeper appreciation for the boundless mysteries of our universe."


Each Fine Art Print is titled, numbered and signed in Ketna’s handwriting.

Depending on each composition’s ‘personality’, colour spectrum and destined geographical location, the Artwork is printed either as a C-Type print on Fuji gloss paper or as a Giclee print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper. (For humid countries e.g Singapore, C-type Fuji paper is advised as it is does not let moisture and mould through)

All Prints are made at the most accredited and reputable Printing studios in London, Singapore or New Delhi, using the best quality fine art archival paper available.

The studio meticulously keeps account of each numbered print, including when and who it was sold to, so there is no chance of duplication.

Each Fine Art Paper Print comes in an edition of 50, so for the three sizes, the total prints ever made will be 150.

Each Metal Print comes in an edition of 25, so for the three sizes, the total prints ever made will be 75.  

Each Acrylic Print comes in an edition of 10, so for the three sizes, the total prints ever made will be 30.

For each composition, there are up to 5 Artists Proofs for colour and production quality checks. The total edition for each artwork is therefore 260.

Each Print is made to order. Please allow 10 working days for delivery.

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