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Back to the Future

Back to the Future

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Back to the Future: A Fusion of History, Legacy, and Renewal

Back to the Future is a compelling artwork that weaves together the threads of history, legacy, and the ever-renewing cycles of life. In this evocative piece, the silhouette of Queen Victoria stands juxtaposed with a postage stamp featuring the iconic figure of Mahatma Gandhi and his wife, Kasturba. 

Queen Victoria's silhouette represents the bygone era of British colonialism, where the British Empire held dominion over vast territories, including India. It is a powerful symbol of the imperial past, a period marked by complex historical narratives and struggles for independence.

In stark contrast, the presence of the Gandhi postage stamp represents a pivotal moment in history. Gandhi's philosophy of nonviolence and his tireless efforts in the struggle for Indian independence resonate not only with the Indian subcontinent but also with the global fight for justice and civil rights. His image on the postage stamp signifies hope, resilience, and the power of peaceful resistance. 

The juxtaposition of these two figures within the artwork talks of a dialogue across time, bridging the historical gap between colonial rule and the eventual triumph of self-determination. It prompts viewers to reflect on the profound transformations that have occurred over the years, from the days of colonial subjugation to the dawn of independence and beyond. 

The colour scheme, resembling dried blood and young foliage, symbolises the inherent cyclical nature of history and life. It signifies the inevitability of change and renewal, as old systems and structures give way to new beginnings and growth. The dried blood represents the struggles and sacrifices of the past, while the young foliage embodies the potential for regeneration and the emergence of new possibilities.

"Back to the Future" serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring impact of history on our present and the limitless potential for renewal and transformation. It encourages viewers to contemplate the legacy of these historical figures and their contributions to the ongoing evolution of our world.


Each Fine Art Print is titled, numbered and signed in Ketna’s handwriting.

Depending on each composition’s ‘personality’, colour spectrum and destined geographical location, the Artwork is printed either as a C-Type print on Fuji gloss paper or as a Giclee print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper. (For humid countries e.g Singapore, C-type Fuji paper is advised as it is does not let moisture and mould through)

All Prints are made at the most accredited and reputable Printing studios in London, Singapore or New Delhi, using the best quality fine art archival paper available.

The studio meticulously keeps account of each numbered print, including when and who it was sold to, so there is no chance of duplication.

Each Fine Art Paper Print comes in an edition of 50, so for the three sizes, the total prints ever made will be 150.

Each Metal Print comes in an edition of 25, so for the three sizes, the total prints ever made will be 75.  

Each Acrylic Print comes in an edition of 10, so for the three sizes, the total prints ever made will be 30.

For each composition, there are up to 5 Artists Proofs for colour and production quality checks. The total edition for each artwork is therefore 260.

Each Print is made to order. Please allow 10 working days for delivery.

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