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'You are mostly welcome' cake stand

'You are mostly welcome' cake stand

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Perfect as a unique gift, or for showing off 3 themed Art compositions as a utilitarian sculpture.  Great not just for cakes, but canapes, sandwiches, cookies, samosas etc.

Any 3 Ketna Patel Artworks that you like can be transferred onto these cake stands, so go ahead and choose a theme of 3 (contact the studio for this request)

'You are mostly welcome' : A Metaphorical Cake Stand

(Featuring 'You are mostly welcome' and 'BritIndia' artworks)

This cheeky colourful cake stand is guaranteed to be a conversation starter! Ketna Patel's inventive collection, "You are mostly welcome," transforms a humble three-tier cake stand into a profound metaphysical metaphor for the intricate hierarchies that govern our mortal stories and our quest to understand our place in the world. 

Ketna Patel's 'BRITINDIA' art collection is an enchanting and intellectually invigorating journey that transcends the traditional confines of white-cubed galleries. Through the strategic use of everyday objects as canvases, Patel masterfully extracts narratives from the gallery walls and plants them firmly into our personal spaces and hearts. In doing so, she challenges the notion that art must remain distant, inviting us to not merely observe but actively engage with the narratives she weaves.

At the core of 'BRITINDIA' lies an intricate web of converging timelines. Ketna overlaps the past and present, flattening linear time and space. The deliberate merging of historical figures, contemporary icons, and everyday people, all seamlessly coexisting within her artwork, beckons us to transcend our own temporal boundaries and connect with a collective history.

Ketna Patel's artwork, 'You Are Mostly Welcome' serves as a visual labyrinth of unspoken tensions set against the backdrop of London's ever-evolving skyline. In its satirical playfulness, the piece dares to delve into the complex and uncomfortable discourse surrounding immigration. As one gazes upon the canvas, it becomes apparent that beneath the humour lies a profound inquiry into the unease of witnessing a shifting Britain. 

The realisation that the nation's global influence has waned and many foreign hands now fill its workforce stirs unspoken anxieties. Who are these newcomers, and how well do we truly understand them? The artwork captures a shared discomfort that lingers beneath the surface of polite conversation, as rapid change reshapes the familiar landscape of London. 

As we ascend from one level to another, we metaphorically devour the layers of life, peeling back the veils that conceal deeper realisations about the nature of reality. Just as we savour the richness of different tastes, we devour the diverse moments, challenges, and joys life presents, and each layer facilitates a more profound understanding of our journey. It's a playful yet profound insight into how our lives are composed of myriad flavours, each contributing to a deeper realisation of the nature of reality, reminding us that every layer, every bite, and every moment is a piece of the grand cosmic confectionery of life.

Product details: Approximately 35cm tall, Comes flat packed and is easy to assemble, Durable 3mm thick melamine plates, High quality chrome fittings and fixtures
Dimensions: Top plate: 21.5 cm, Middle plate: 27 cm, Bottom plate: 31.5 cm
Approximate height when assembled: 35 cm, 760 g weight
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