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'Sisterhood' cake stand

'Sisterhood' cake stand

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Perfect as a unique gift, or for showing off 3 themed Art compositions as a utilitarian sculpture.  Great not just for cakes, but canapes, sandwiches, cookies, samosas etc.

Any 3 Ketna Patel Artworks that you like can be transferred onto these cake stands, so go ahead and choose a theme of 3 (contact the studio for this request)

'Sisterhood' stands as a breathtaking homage to the universal feminine essence, an artwork that transcends boundaries and embraces the myriad forms of divinity across cultures and epochs. Within the captivating confines of a circular canvas, Patel weaves a mesmerizing tapestry that unites diverse goddesses from various religions and mythologies, symbolizing the cosmic convergence of feminine divine energy.

Some of the Goddess in this artistic symphony include:  Quan Yin, the embodiment of compassion and mercy, emanating a serene aura; her presence exuding a tranquil grace that resonates across the artwork. Alongside her, the majestic figure of Isis, with her wings outstretched, symbolizes magic, resurrection, and the nurturing aspects of the divine feminine.

Adjacent, the serene countenance of Mother Mary radiates an aura of maternal love and unwavering strength, embodying compassion and guidance. Intertwined with these embodiments of divinity, the fierce and formidable Goddess Kali emerges, a force of transformative power and liberation.

These revered goddesses, among others, stand shoulder to shoulder within the circular embrace, their forms intertwining and overlapping, representing the interconnectedness of the feminine principle across cultures. Each goddess embodies unique virtues and symbolism, yet collectively, they form a celestial sisterhood—a testament to the universality and timelessness of feminine divine energy.

Patel's brush strokes intricately weave together elements of sacred symbolism, vibrant colors, and fluid lines, creating a visual symphony that speaks to the soul. The circular composition acts as a potent symbol, signifying continuity, unity, and the cyclical nature of creation—wherein the feminine principle is both the source and culmination of cosmic divine energy.

This powerful artwork transcends religious confines, inviting viewers into a realm where the essence of the divine feminine manifests as a unified, radiant force—a celebration of resilience, compassion, strength, and nurturing energy that permeates the cosmos. Patel's creation is a visual testament to the eternal and universal power of the feminine principle, a cosmic dance of divinity that transcends time and space, inspiring reverence and awe in all who behold it.

Product details: Approximately 35cm tall, Comes flat packed and is easy to assemble, Durable 3mm thick melamine plates, High quality chrome fittings and fixtures
Dimensions: Top plate: 21.5 cm, Middle plate: 27 cm, Bottom plate: 31.5 cm
Approximate height when assembled: 35 cm, 760 g weight


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