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'Keep calm and carry on' Ganesh food tray

'Keep calm and carry on' Ganesh food tray

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Lord Ganesh is always associated with blessings and the removal of obstacles.  A photo or statue of this elephant headed God with the big belly is almost always found at the entrance of a hindu house, usually in the hallway.  I remember in my childhood in Kenya, when a guest came home, mum would just have to raise her eyebrows and I knew instantly that I had to go to the kitchen, open the V.I.P drawer and use the special tray just for guests.  Subconsciously or otherwise, I have continued this tradition, and have a bit of an obsession with trays and glasses.  Even a humble glass of water served in a beautiful glass and ontop of a decorative tray full of meaning can be construed as a blessing, not to mention conversation starter!  This is the perfect gift for somebody starting a new chapter in their lives, be it a new job or moving into a new house or to another country.  Its a unique, lightweight gift to pack into your suitcase and present to somebody you are visiting in another country.  Or a perfect Christmas present! Keep calm and carry on is the popular wartime british slogan that symbolized solidarity and community in times of hardship.  In this context, its a witty but poignant pun on the act of 'carrying' blessings on a Ganesh photo collage tray. Enjoy!

Made from scratchproof melamine, these robust trays measure 43 x 33 cm, and are ideal for everyday use.


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