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Raja Rani cake stand

Raja Rani cake stand

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Raja Rani: A Metaphorical Cake Stand

(Featuring 'Raja Rani', 'Junglee Jungle', 'As above so below' artworks)

Ketna Patel's inventive collection, 'Raja Rani' transforms a humble three-tier cake stand into a profound metaphysical metaphor for the intricate hierarchies that govern our mortal stories and our quest to understand our place in the world. Much like the chakras that align along the human spine, these tiers represent the strata of experiences we accumulate, each a different flavour and texture in the grand banquet of existence. 

Raja Rani: BritIndian Gods and Goddesses

India and Britain share a remarkable commonality in their national symbols, both featuring ancient goddesses associated with lions. In India, we have Durga, who embodies feminine strength and valor, riding a lion or tiger as she vanquishes evil forces. In Britain, the symbol of the lion is closely tied to the heraldic imagery of the British monarchy, where lions often feature prominently in royal crests and standards.

This parallel between the two nations' symbols reflects a deeper connection, one that goes beyond geography and history. It underscores the cyclical nature of time, akin to the changing cycles of nature and seasons. Just as the seasons transition seamlessly from one to another, so too have the powers and influences in India's history shifted cyclically, from indigenous dynasties to the Mughal Empire and later to British colonial rule.  

In this cyclical perspective, India's history, marked by periods of upheaval and transformation, mirrors the changing seasons of nature. The nation has endured and evolved, much like the delicate yet sturdy blossoms that emerge each year. This connection between India and Britain, embodied in their lion-associated goddesses and the cyclical patterns of time, serves as a reminder that history is not linear but, instead, a dynamic interplay of forces that repeat and evolve, much like the ever-changing seasons of nature.

The Junglee Jungle: A Glo-cal garden of British Identity

The United Kingdom, often regarded as a cradle of history and tradition, is undeniably an ancient country of immigrants. Its rich tapestry of culture and identity has been woven over centuries, shaped by the arrival of diverse waves of people from around the globe. From the Celts and Romans to the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Normans, and beyond, each group of newcomers brought with them unique languages, customs, and traditions that have profoundly influenced what it means to be British.

In recent times, the story continues with immigration from former colonies and beyond, including people of Indian, Caribbean, African, and Middle Eastern descent. These communities have left an indelible mark on British society, shaping everything from cuisine and music to politics and art. They have redefined the idea of a multicultural Britain, emphasising that diversity is a source of strength rather than division.

In essence, the United Kingdom's history is a testament to the notion that being British is not confined to a single ethnicity or heritage. Instead, it's a celebration of the ongoing narrative of a nation continually enriched by the contributions of immigrants. It is a reminder that British identity is as diverse and multifaceted as the people who call the UK home, and it is in this diversity that the true essence of modern Britain emerges.

As Above So Below: A Cosmic Tapestry of Time and Connection

In 'As Above So Below,' the canvas unfolds into a mesmerising tapestry that explores the profound interconnectedness of the cosmos and the earthly realm. At its heart stands Goddess Laxmi, a symbol of abundance and divinity, poised gracefully on top of a lotus. Within the petals of this lotus rests the figure of Jesus Christ, embodying the unity of spiritual traditions from East to West.

Above, amidst the clouds, the divine companions Hanuman, Ram, and Laxman take flight, symbolising the timeless bond between devotion and heroism. Their presence signifies the enduring stories that traverse the celestial and terrestrial realms.

On the right, a celestial spaceship descends, bearing Adam and Eve as it beams down to Earth, evoking the idea of human origin and evolution. This juxtaposition reminds us of our earthly beginnings and the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

The oceans of time ebb and flow, unveiling the bygone era of India, while a pirate ship alludes to the complex history of British colonisation. These juxtaposed narratives encapsulate the shared history of two nations, shaped by their interwoven destinies.

Yet, the most striking revelation lies below, where London city exists upside down and submerged in an ethereal underwater world. Amongst the coral and seaweed, beautiful and monstrous sea creatures thrive, embodying the dichotomy of human creations and nature's resilience.

'As Above So Below' is a masterful commentary on the interplay between the spiritual and the temporal, the ancient and the modern, and the cosmic and the earthly. It invites viewers to contemplate the intricate connections that weave through the fabric of existence, transcending time and space, and fostering a deeper appreciation for the boundless mysteries of our universe."

As we ascend from one level to another, we metaphorically devour the layers of life, peeling back the veils that conceal deeper realisations about the nature of reality. Just as we savour the richness of different tastes, we devour the diverse moments, challenges, and joys life presents, and each layer facilitates a more profound understanding of our journey. It's a playful yet profound insight into how our lives are composed of myriad flavours, each contributing to a deeper realisation of the nature of reality, reminding us that every layer, every bite, and every moment is a piece of the grand cosmic confectionery of life.

Product details: Approximately 35cm tall, Comes flat packed and is easy to assemble, Durable 3mm thick plastic plates, High quality silver fittings and fixtures
Dimensions: Top plate: 21.5 cm, Middle plate: 27 cm, Bottom plate: 31.5 cm
Approximate height when assembled: 35 cm, 760 g weight
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