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'Sisterhood' long sleeved cotton Jersey T-shirt

'Sisterhood' long sleeved cotton Jersey T-shirt

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The painting "Sisterhood" stands as a vibrant tribute to the profound essence of the creative feminine principle, resonating with a palpable energy that emanates from its core. Housed within the infinite embrace of a circular frame, this artwork channels the circle's inherent symbolism of wholeness, unity, and perpetual motion—a sacred representation of fertility, encompassing a boundless continuum without a defined origin or conclusion.

Within this circular tableau, an array of diverse feminine figures and embodiments gracefully interweave and converge. Each figure encapsulates the multifaceted nature of femininity, symbolizing the myriad roles, strengths, and facets that women embody across cultures, eras, and mythologies.

This vibrant canvas draws inspiration from diverse mythologies and world religions, weaving together an eclectic tapestry of symbolism that pays homage to the concept of 'shakti' energy—the primordial, creative force that embodies the feminine divine. From everyday women to the timeless grace of Isis to the nurturing warmth of the Virgin Mary, and the fierce, transformative power of Goddess Kali, these representations collectively encapsulate the cosmic spectrum of feminine energy—nurturing, empowering, and infinitely expressive.

Amidst a rich tapestry of symbolism, these figures intermingle in a harmonious dance, their forms blending and intertwining to illustrate the unity and strength found in sisterhood. Their collective presence radiates an aura of empowerment, resilience, and solidarity—an embodiment of the inherent strength derived from unity and mutual support among women.

The painting "Sisterhood" serves as a vibrant celebration, inviting viewers to embrace the depth and diversity of the feminine spirit. It stands as a testament to the unity found in diversity, the resilience in togetherness, and the eternal creative force that resides within the collective feminine energy—an enduring tribute to the unyielding power and beauty of sisterhood.

Traditional soft cotton jersey, soft handle with a structured fit. Good colour strength using pigment printing. 95% cotton 5% lycra. Good wash fastness with some loss of colour expected. Cotton from sustainable sources and manufactured in an ethical manner. 

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