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"Sunset on the British Empire" is a vibrant and bustling canvas that captures the essence of a world in joyful transition, where cultures blend and boundaries blur. This masterpiece is alive with the spirit of change, depicted through a complex tableau that is as rich in symbolism as it is in color.

At first glance, the setting sun casts a warm, golden glow over the iconic London skyline, marking the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter. The sun, with its radiant hues of orange, pink, and red, bathes the historic buildings in a light that seems to herald the dawning of a new age. It's not just any sunset; it's a symbolic descent of the British Empire, making way for a new world order where the East rises with vigor and vitality.

The foreground is a bustling scene reminiscent of a lively street market in Asia, vibrant and teeming with life. Immigrants, the protagonists of this new era, occupy the streetscape with a sense of belonging and ownership. They bring with them the flavors, colors, and sounds of their homelands, transforming the familiar London streets into a multicultural tapestry. Stalls adorned with vivid fabrics sell exotic spices and tantalizing street food, filling the air with enticing aromas. The hawkers, with their animated gestures and bright smiles, invite passersby to taste and experience the richness of their cultures.

Amidst this lively scene, the figures of Chairman Mao and Gandhi float in the sky, overseeing the transformation below. Their inclusion is both playful and profound, symbolizing the profound impact of Eastern philosophies and leadership on the global stage. Mao, with a faint, knowing smile, and Gandhi, with his serene and peaceful demeanor, represent the diverse paths through which influence and power shift across continents. Their ethereal presence in the painting is a nod to the enduring legacy of their ideas, transcending borders and time.

The painting is not just a visual feast but a celebration of transition, where the setting sun on the British Empire signifies not an end but a beginning. It's a joyous acknowledgment of the global shift from West to East, embracing the diversity and dynamism that such a change entails. The streetscape, alive with the energy of immigrants and the guiding spirits of Mao and Gandhi, captures the essence of a world where East meets West, and new stories are woven into the fabric of cities with ancient histories.

"Sunset on the British Empire" is a playful yet poignant reminder that we are all part of a vibrant, ever-changing mosaic. Its colors, characters, and symbols invite viewers to reflect on the beauty of transition and the endless possibilities that arise when worlds collide and harmonize. In this painting, every brushstroke tells a story of hope, unity, and the joyful dance of cultures in the global ballet of life.


Each Fine Art Print is titled, numbered and signed in Ketna’s handwriting.

Depending on each composition’s ‘personality’, colour spectrum and destined geographical location, the Artwork is printed either as a C-Type print on Fuji gloss paper or as a Giclee print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper. (For humid countries e.g Singapore, C-type Fuji paper is advised as it is does not let moisture and mould through)

All Prints are made at the most accredited and reputable Printing studios in London, Singapore or New Delhi, using the best quality fine art archival paper available.

The studio meticulously keeps account of each numbered print, including when and who it was sold to, so there is no chance of duplication.

Each Fine Art Paper Print comes in an edition of 50, so for the three sizes, the total prints ever made will be 150.

Each Metal Print comes in an edition of 25, so for the three sizes, the total prints ever made will be 75.  

Each Acrylic Print comes in an edition of 10, so for the three sizes, the total prints ever made will be 30.

For each composition, there are up to 5 Artists Proofs for colour and production quality checks. The total edition for each artwork is therefore 260.

Each Print is made to order. Please allow 10 working days for delivery.

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