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'Sunset on the British Empire' food tray

'Sunset on the British Empire' food tray

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The artwork "Sunset on the British Empire" by Ketna Patel brilliantly acknowledges the breakdown of previously held social hierarchies. Amidst the bustling streets of London and the symbolic sunset on imperial dominance, the piece subtly hints at the dismantling of traditional power structures and the emergence of a more interconnected world.

Through a myriad of diverse characters and cultures harmoniously coexisting in the artwork, Patel underscores the profound truth that despite our differences, we share an inherent bond of humanity. The once rigid divisions based on social status, ethnicity, or heritage seem to blur and dissolve within this vibrant tapestry of urban life.

"Sunset on the British Empire" is not merely a depiction of reverse migration or cultural fusion; it's a celebration of our collective interconnectedness. Patel's artwork champions the idea that acknowledging and embracing our shared humanity can serve as a powerful antidote to divisive forces, fostering a more inclusive and harmonious society where collaboration and mutual understanding triumph over artificial barriers.

By acknowledging our commonalities and participating in the recognition of our shared humanity, the artwork becomes a catalyst for reflection and dialogue, inspiring viewers to transcend the limitations of societal constructs and work towards a future where unity and empathy prevail.

Made from scratchproof melamine, this robust trays measures 43 x 33 cm, and is ideal for everyday use.


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